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Classification of Membership

Member: Any person practicing or employed in the profession of Land Surveying or anyone sharing the purposes and objectives of this organization shall be eligible for the grade of HLSA member. A member shall be entitled to vote and hold office.

Fellow Member: Any member of recognized excellent character and distinguished land surveying achievements who has been actively engaged in the practice of land surveying for not less than fifteen (15) years, who has been a member of HLSA for not less than (5) years (or a charter member), and who has given outstanding service to the land surveying profession and to HLSA may be elected a Fellow Member by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. A Fellow Member shall enjoy all of the rights and privileges of full membership.

Honorary Member: Any person, be he licensed as a land surveyor or not, who has rendered acknowledged eminent service to either the professional interest of HLSA or by such acts of distinction to the government of the people, shall be eligible for Honorary Membership. A unanimous vote of the total number of the Board of Directors is required to approve designation of Honorary Member. An Honorary Member shall have all the rights of full membership except the rights to vote and hold office.

Life Member: Any member or fellow member of HLSA, having reached the age of sixty-five (65) and who has been a member for twenty (20) continuous years immediately proceeding attainment of said age, shall be eligible to apply for Life Membership. Approval of Life Membership status must be via two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors. Life Members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of full membership.

Student Member: Any full time student studying surveying, shall be eligible for Student Membership. Student Membership will be by action of a majority of the Board of Directors, upon application. Student members shall have all the rights of full membership except the right to vote and to hold office.

Sustaining Member: Excluding voting and serving on the executive board, Sustaining Members are afforded all privileges, including all newsletters and announcements. A Sustaining Member firm may have two (2) persons attend any HLSA function at membership rates. Furthermore, a listing of all Sustaining Members will appear on the cover of every HLSA monthly newsletter and on our website. Finally, HLSA will afford the Sustaining Member (upon payment of the annual dues) a half-page space of 7.5”x5” within our newsletter for informational purposes, such as the firm’s history and services it provides. Sustaining members shall be subject to the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.

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